One Man Wounded in Ain el-Hilweh Dispute


A man was injured when a personal dispute accompanied by gunfire erupted at the southern Palestinian refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh in Sidon, the National News Agency reported on Saturday.

“A personal dispute where sharp tools were used erupted at the camp. One person of al-Awad family sustained a knife stab to his neck. Afterwards, two men on their motorcycle started firing gunshots in the direction of al-Braxat neighborhood,” said NNA.

Such incidents are common in Ain el-Hilweh, the largest of Lebanon's 12 Palestinian refugee camps.

By long-standing convention, the Lebanese army does not enter the Palestinian camps in the country, leaving the Palestinian factions themselves to handle security.

That has created lawless areas in many camps, and Ain el-Hilweh has gained notoriety as a refuge for extremists and fugitives.

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Missing phillipo 18 May 2019, 14:53

Isn't it about time that the Government of the Republic of Lebanon put its foot down and sent in the Army to take control of Ain El Hilweh and get rid of all those illegal arms. It is time for this place to come under the control of the government and not of the Palestinian terrorist organisations.