Jumblat Marks Resistance and Liberation Day


Progressive Socialist Party leader ex-MP Walid Jumblat marked Resistance and Liberation Day on Saturday saying it will always be a “shining beacon in Lebanon’s history.”

“Despite our political differences, Liberation Day will remain the shining and hopeful beacon in the history of Lebanon and the history of its confrontation with Israel," Jumblat said in a tweet.

Resistance and Liberation Day falls on May 25 and marks the withdrawal of Israeli troops from southern Lebanon in 2000 following an occupation of 22 years.

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Thumb warrior 25 May 2019, 09:52


Thumb justice 25 May 2019, 13:20

shameful !

Thumb ex-fpm 25 May 2019, 15:27

looking for brownie points

Missing rabiosa 25 May 2019, 18:29

What Resistance and What Liberation? You are and the whole country is under he thumb of the Mullahs. Instead of being a "Progressive" maybe you should try and read more about Liberty, Freedom and economic empowerment.