Geagea: No One Can Pressure Lebanon into Refugee Resettlement


Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea emphasized on Saturday that no one can impose a refugee resettlement in Lebanon as part of a US “peace” plan for the Middle East, the Anadolu news agency reported on Saturday.

In an interview with said news agency, Geagea said the leaked reports about a US plan for the Middle East known as the “Deal of the Century, was born dead before it’s declaration. No one can pressure Lebanon into a refugee resettlement because it is a sovereign matter of the Lebanese state alone,” said Geagea.”

“Speaking about the deal of the century at present is premature. We can not judge it before it is made public,” said Geagea, noting that Lebanon will never accept a resettlement if the deal shows such plans “this will not happen,” he said.

On the file of displaced Syrians in Lebanon, the LF chief: “Lebanon’s position is not divided over the need to return the displaced to their country. Lebanon is a country with 4 million people and can no longer afford a million or a million and a half refugees on its land.”

He added: “The entire host countries have started demanding the return of those displaced, including Lebanon, but the Syrian regime is fabricating excuses and picking some names to return while rejecting the return of others.”

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Thumb s.o.s 25 May 2019, 15:32

Most of the Palestinians are born here, they’re by definition settled already they just don’t have the same rights.

Bashar is playing the same ugly game, every day 300 Syrians are born in Lebanon without Syrian papers.

Thumb thepatriot 26 May 2019, 11:14

Those reports are baseless. There is not one Lebanese that will accept their Naturalisation. Our politicians raise their flag and voices just to attract attention. this isn't even a subject for discussion...