Criticism after Syria Boycotts Lebanon Speech at ILO Meeting


Lebanon criticized on Friday the withdrawal of the Syrian delegation during Lebanon's speech at the International Labor Organization conference in Geneva a day earlier.

Labor Minister Camille Abu Sleiman, who delivered Lebanon’s speech at the conference, said “the withdrawal confirms that the Syrian regime does not want to facilitate the return of refugees back to Syria.”

Abu Sleiman, a minister affiliated to the Lebanese Forces, said his speech at the ILO conference reflected Lebanon's official position on the issue of Syrian displacement.

The Syrian delegation to the International Labor Conference in Geneva withdrew from the chamber Thursday during a speech made by Abu Sleiman.

In his speech, Abu Sleiman voiced calls for “joint efforts to secure the safe return of Syrian refugees to their homeland,” a ministry statement said.

For its part, the LF (a party critical of Damascus) described the move of the Syrian delegation as an “insult to the Lebanese State and government, because Abu sleiman was delivering Lebanon’s speech and not that of the party.”

“The withdrawal of the delegation is an honor for LF because it proves that the LF has succeeded in getting the Syrian army out of Lebanon based on rejection of its occupation and its insistence on the sovereignty and independence of Lebanon. But this withdrawal is an insult to Lebanon because Minister Abu Sleiman was delivering the word Lebanon and its government,” an LF statement said.

The LF urged the Lebanese government to take the necessary measures and summon the Syrian ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim Ali.

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Thumb eagledawn 14 June 2019, 09:41

"Every time we meet, there is a vacant seat disrupting the joy of our Arab gatherings; it is no longer permissible for Syria to remain outside the Arab scope," Bassil added, pushing Arab foreign Minister to give Syria back its seat in the Arab league.

"Historically, each of us had reservations on the Syrian regime. Personally, I used to be an opponent of the Syrian presence in Lebanon. However, when the Syrian army withdrew to Syria, we wanted to build in the best of relations with our neighboring country," Bassil explained.

Thumb enterprise 15 June 2019, 06:29

this demagogue is a traitor to God and Country

Thumb gebran_sons 14 June 2019, 09:43

If Lebanon was not occupied by Iran's Hizballah and puppets of Assad's criminal regime, and if it had real foreign policy head instead of this Don Quixote, it would have calculated the total direct and indirect cost of the Syrian Refugees and pursued a UN resolution that this amount will be subtracted from any future aid to rebuild Syria provided by any foreign country. This will insure a 180 degree turn in Assad policy towards Syrian refugees after he destroyed the life of a quarter of his country's population.

Thumb s.o.s 14 June 2019, 13:50

The Syrian regime is evil, is this news to anyone?

Thumb lebanon_first 14 June 2019, 15:57

Syrian regime is evil. Real real real evil. Stalin level evil.

But all those refugees, let them stay and work as housemaids / workers instead of Africans.

Please please noone says "give work to Lebanese." Lebanese are entitled, lazy, expensive, and overly ambitious. Most work available does not suit them.