Aoun Says Lebanon Ready to Grant Citizenship for Lebanese Descendents


President Michel Aoun on Monday said that Lebanon is ready to grant citizenship for the Lebanese descendants wishing to obtain it, the National News agency reported.

"Lebanon needs the support of its sons abroad to be able to withstand challenges at different levels," NNA quoted Aoun as saying.

Lebanon “is adamant about moving forward in preserving security and stability," he added.

Aoun made his remarks during a meeting at Baabda palace with a delegation of the National Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs.

Separately, Aoun received Ministers Akram Shehayeb (Education) and Wael Abu Faour (Industry), who conveyed a message from Progressive Socialist Party leader, Walid Jumblat, on the current political developments.

The President later met with French Ambassador to Lebanon, Bruno Foucher, where talks focused on bilateral relations and cooperation.

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Thumb lebanon_first 17 June 2019, 16:13

Wiam wahab, michel samaha and co are unfortunately lebanese. The chose to sell their country, true. But they are lebanese.

But in poor shia families, you have thousands of girls of marrying age who could go each for 10 or 20k$, payable cash upon marriage to support her family, financed by rich arab states upon marriage. 10000$x 100000 pal refugee= 1billion usd.

For 1 billion usd they would watno 100,000 palestinian in lebanon. 1billion is nothing.

Shias have sold their sons as hezbollah mercenaries to fight for assad for less than that. What would prevent them to sell their daughters?

Lebanese nationality should be expensive. It should be given to investors willing to invest 1 million dollars in the country. Not given for cheap for so called feminist human rights.

Thumb natour 17 June 2019, 16:59

This is a basic human right and has nothing to do with feminism. Maybe no one should get the Lebanese nationality until they are 21 years old and an all men panel of "true Lebanese nationals" decides the 21 year old applicants deserve it. Yeah this sounds ridiculous doesn't it.
So poor Lebanese families, Shia or otherwise, will not sell their men to woen who want a citizenship? The sons of these "sold men" are born Lebanese, regardless who they wed. What is the difference between a Lebanese women marring a Palestinian or a Syrian man, and a Lebanese man marrying a Palestinian or a Syrian woman? Maybe the laws should be change and only the sons and daughters of the Lebanese national, man or woman, get the citizenship, not the spouse. The spouse maybe could get it only after live in Lebanon for, say ten years, and are law abiding. You singled out Shia, others have singled out Sunnis and yet others all Muslim women or and even Christian women.

Thumb natour 17 June 2019, 16:59

You say Lebanese nationality should be expensive. It already is. Just look at who and how they got it by way of the Nationalization decree that Michel Aoun signed. Reports are that he's preparing a new one.

Thumb natour 17 June 2019, 17:59

Naturalization not Nationalization, my spellchecker must be socialist lol

Thumb lebanon_first 17 June 2019, 18:25

We are in the orient. Rabb el 3ayleh is the man. It is not symetric as u want to portray it.

In the west, pushed by hollywood, they are giving more and more power to women, and that is breaking families. Our family structure is one of the best things in lebanon. Not retarded as ksa or iran, and not ridicylously emancipiated as the west. Let's not try to go all symetric for women, we will lose a lot as a society.

Thumb s.o.s 17 June 2019, 23:49

Wake up Lebanon first, most women I know are the ones feeding their families. Of course it isn’t a generality but it’s a recurrence nonetheless.

Thumb s.o.s 17 June 2019, 17:44

Do you know many Lebanese men marrying Palestinian women to grant them the citizenship? No, of course not. There’s no reason to think otherwise .

The kids of these women married to foreigners are innocent, it’s unfair and abnormal for them to be forced to renew residency papers every year.

Thumb whyaskwhy 17 June 2019, 22:23

I care to differ with you Leb1st not all Lebanese think that a patriarchy is the way forward and our family structure is not the best not unless you are talking about keeping the male dominance as a unit of measure. The idea of equating success to male dominance is ridiculous in this day and age where presidents, prime ministers and astronauts are women. One of the main opponents to equality in our region is the hypocritical religious leaders who you pay homage to and keep in power. No educated person in his right mind would ever accept that Men are better than Woman or vice versa. This story is about Lebanese citizenship and is centered around those who have a lessor God who would likely want to apply not a Swiss Lebanese!

Missing arturo 18 June 2019, 18:05

This will result in some Jewish Israelis getting Lebanese citizenship -- so there'll be Israel-Lebanese dual citizens. Amazing.