Egypt ex-President Morsi Dies during Trial


Former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi died on Monday in a Cairo hospital after fainting during a session in court, judicial and security sources said.

"He was speaking before the judge for 20 minutes then became very animated and fainted. He was quickly rushed to the hospital where he later died," a judicial source said.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a strong ally of the Islamist president during his brief tenure as Egypt's leader, paid tribute to Morsi and called him a "martyr".

The official Al-Ahram news website also reported the death of Morsi, 67, who was Egypt's first democratically elected president but spent just one turbulent year in office after the 2011 uprising before the army toppled him in 2013.

The Islamist leader has been in prison since his ouster on trial for several cases including for spying for Iran, Qatar and militant groups such as Hamas in the Gaza Strip. He was also accused of plotting terror acts.

Since his overthrow on July 3, 2013, his former defence minister now President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has waged an ongoing crackdown targeting his supporters from the Muslim Brotherhood with thousands jailed and hundreds facing death sentences.

The years following Morsi's overthrow have seen a surge in bombings and shootings targeting security forces, particularly in the restive northern Sinai Peninsula, a stronghold of the Islamic State group.

Morsi's turbulent rule was marked by deep divisions in Egyptian society, a crippling economic crisis and often-deadly opposition protests.

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Thumb s.o.s 17 June 2019, 19:32

Bye bye... democracy and The Muslim Brotherhood are incompatible.

Missing keserwaniaseel 17 June 2019, 19:40

Ut mubarak in power for 30 years and sisi in power for 30 years are compatible with democracy? Was morsi elected or did he stage a coup? Your cousin bibi committing crimes in office along with his wife are compatible with deomcracy?

Thumb s.o.s 17 June 2019, 19:53

The Egyptians boycotted their elections because the right candidates weren’t granted the right to partake in the elections. So this idiot got picked by a minority. They welcomed Mubarak’s clone Sisi with open arms afterwards. Egyptians never ever had proper democratic elections. This guy belongs to the trash, and so does his successor and his Syrian cousin ma tiz3al . I forgot, Aoun also belongs to the same trash.

Missing greatpierro 17 June 2019, 20:55

As a matter of fact Islam is incompatible with democracy. Muslim do not have the liberty of conscience and are bound by a submissive relation to God and the prophet.

Thumb s.o.s 17 June 2019, 21:30

I would disagree with your statement. Politics and religion are a very bad combination. Political Islam is as ugly as political Judaism, Christianism or Buddhism. Look no further than Narendra Modi, Michel Aoun, Binyamin Natanyahu to get a sample of xenophobic and religious extremists leaders.

Missing lebcan 17 June 2019, 20:15

...Following the second round, with a voter turnout of 52%,... that sounds comparable to western turn out... 2008 in Canada for example in 2008, 58.8%.

Missing lebcan 17 June 2019, 20:20

SOS. Habibi... Sisi is awesome for the human race... SOS just keep believing that... ;)