Rahi Meets Health Minister in Bkirki


Health Minister Jamil Jabaq on Tuesday held talks in Bkirki with Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi after which he affirmed that the budget of his ministry was not affected by the austerity measures implemented by the government.

The health ministry’s “need and deficit has exceeded LBP100 billion. Austerity has not touched the budget of the ministry,” said Jabaq in remarks he made to reporters after the meeting.

The Minister added that he “briefed the Patriarch of the measures taken in the Ministry, and our long-term plan. The meeting was productive,” he said.

In May, Lebanon's government approved a long-awaited austerity budget aimed at rescuing an economy crumbling under massive debt and unlocking billions in international aid.

The cabinet approved a budget expected to trim Lebanon's deficit to 7.59 percent of gross domestic product -- a nearly 4-point drop from the previous year.

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