Report: US Delegation in Beirut Next Week to Discuss Syria, Border Demarcation


A delegation of US congressmen and former US diplomats will arrive in Beirut early next week for talks with senior officials and to discuss the latest developments in Syria and the demarcation of Lebanon’s border with Israel, al-Joumhouria daily reported Saturday.

The delegation has formed a "work group" to follow up on the "Syrian issue" and discuss the latest developments in the region and to "stand on the position of Lebanon," said the newspaper.

The delegation includes Chairperson of the Group, Dana Straw, her Executive Secretary, Mona Yacoubian; former Ambassador Frederick Hoff, who was entrusted with the follow-up on the demarcation of the maritime boundary of the Exclusive Economic Zone between Lebanon and Israel; Christopher Totle, Mara Carlin and Vance Sirkhoek.

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