Mustaqbal-PSP War of Words Contained after Berri Mediation


Mediation efforts have managed to contain the fierce war of words that erupted Sunday between al-Mustaqbal Movement and the Progressive Socialist Party and the two parties have agreed that their relation needs a “profound evaluation.”

Media reports said Minister Wael Abu Faour of the PSP and ex-minister Ghattas Khoury of Mustaqbal agreed on a halt to the exchange of tirades following a mediation by Speaker Nabih Berri.

The Speaker's mediation followed a visit to Ain el-Tineh by MP Marwan Hamadeh of the PSP, the reports said.

PSP leader ex-MP Walid Jumblat had tweeted Sunday urging “all comrades and supporters” not to “fall into the trap of public exchanges and responses with al-Mustaqbal Movement.”

Mustaqbal sources meanwhile told An-Nahar newspaper in remarks published Monday that “if Jumblat is seeking to return Hariri to his alignment with his former March 14 allies -- which entails ending his alliance with President Michel Aoun -- he has chosen the wrong way.”

“He is refusing to acknowledge that he has lost the bet, because PM Hariri has made an irreversible agreement with the President, and he has not renounced the key principles, contrary to what some are trying to suggest,” the sources added.

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Missing un520 24 June 2019, 13:32

Ahhh...Berri, our saviour once again...he`s such a peaceful and kind guy....

Missing ysurais 24 June 2019, 15:15

good u are laughing in the pic- but honestly What all of u and yur alike have done to this country?

Thumb s.o.s 24 June 2019, 16:52

It’s a tripartite... or a triple farce.

Thumb whyaskwhy 24 June 2019, 20:01

PSP is a day late and a dollar shy in convincing the PM to get back into the folds of the M14 group. The PM sold the country and its presidency and has nothing to offer but the chains he is shackled with as a result. Its like flogging dead horse and expecting to run harder.