IMF Delegation Meets Khalil ahead of Critical Report


Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil on Monday met with a delegation from the International Monetary Fund led by Chris Jarvis.

The National News Agency said the talks tackled “the economic and financial situations in Lebanon, the latest developments regarding the state budget and the reforms it included.”

Jarvis hoped parliament will approve the 2019 budget as soon as possible, saying that would help unlock the funds that Lebanon needs from the CEDRE conference.

The IMF is expected to issue a key report on Lebanon's monetary and financial situation before mid-July.

The report will have an impact on Lebanon's financial stability and ranking.

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Thumb doodle-dude 24 June 2019, 17:46

lol @ 'Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil'

Thumb whyaskwhy 24 June 2019, 21:00

Better take Chris out on a night to monot ya Ali otherwise he aint going to be too impressed with what your government has done so far...