Pope Calls for 'Humanitarian Corridors' for Migrant Rescues


Pope Francis on Sunday called for "humanitarian corridors" to help rescue migrants in response to an air strike last week that killed dozens in a Libya detention centre.

"The international community cannot accept such grave incidents," the pope said during a Sunday address at St. Peter's square.

"I hope that humanitarian corridors will be organised in a concerted way for those migrants most in need."

At least 53 migrants were killed Tuesday night in the air raid on the detention centre in the Tripoli suburb of Tajoura, held by forces loyal to the U.N.-recognized government.

Tripoli has blamed the strike on forces loyal to Libya commander Khalifa Haftar who controls eastern Libya and who in April launched an offensive to capture the capital.

U.N. agencies and humanitarian groups have repeatedly voiced concern over the plight of thousands of migrants and refugees held in detention centres near combat zones in the Libyan capital.

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Thumb chrisrushlau 07 July 2019, 17:12

The Pope has offered the services of the Vatican's special warfare unit, who are currently on training deployment and could not be located. That is to say, he is suggesting military action to rescue "migrants". That word "migrant" is used by the fascist elite in the US to muddle economic illegal migrants together with asylum seekers whose legal status I'm not sure of and with refugees, which is a legal classification at least in US law which only follows upon the designation (by whom?) of a specific state as a source of refugees. If you flee from England in fear of its fascist ruling elite, the US will not recognize your refugee status, because England is not on the list of refugee-origin states. But if you're from Sudan, you're all set. I think the Pope gave up paying attention a year or two ago. It's hard, I know. But he wanted the job.