May Says Trump's Congresswomen Tweets 'Completely Unacceptable'


Outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday called U.S. President Donald Trump's tweets telling progressive Democrat congresswomen to "go back" where they came from "completely unacceptable."

"Her view is that the language which was used to refer to the women was completely unacceptable," May's spokesman told reporters.

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Thumb whyaskwhy 15 July 2019, 22:41

And May noted that she refuses to have tea and crumpets with the president lol.
Who cares what you say? its not like you were able to be a better leader? You have been trying to negotiate Brexit for over 2 years now and you almost need the power of Imbecile to help you resolve it too.

You too have proven to be "completely unacceptable" to the Euro masses. The Germans and French read your mind a lot sooner than you did loooool