Tripoli Municipality Members at Each Other’s Throats after Mayor, Deputy Sacked


An altercation broke out Tuesday between the members of Tripoli Municipality during a stormy session that saw confidence withheld from the municipal chief and his deputy.

Thirteen members voted in favor of withholding confidence from the mayor, Ahmed Qamareddine, as five granted him their confidence and another five cast blank votes.

Twelve members also voted in favor of withholding confidence from Qamareddine’s deputy, Khaled al-Walid, after which a clash erupted between the members, with a group accusing another of “backstabbing” and failing to honor an agreement on renewing the deputy mayor’s mandate.

“Amid the chaos, a number of municipality members walked out, stripping the session of its quorum,” the National News Agency said.

Governor of the North Judge Ramzi Nohra meanwhile scheduled a session for electing a new mayor and deputy mayor for 10am Friday.

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Thumb s.o.s 16 July 2019, 18:46

What a healthy democratic debate. LoL