Ibrahim: Collective Efforts Needed to Resolve Crisis


General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim stressed the need for collective efforts to overcome the political crisis that emerged over the deadly incident in the Mountainous region of Qabrshmoun.

“There is a search for a judicial formula to resolve the crisis which needs the efforts of all parties. The process needs time until a solution matures,” said Ibrahim in remarks to al-Joumhouria daily on Thursday.

He added that “everybody recognizes the need to hand over the wanted individuals, even the witnesses. But the search is under way for the procedures before the suspects are handed in.”

Progressive Socialist Party supporters of MP Walid Jumblat had blocked roads during Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil’s visit to prevent him from touring the region. The protests escalated into a deadly incident in the town of Qabrshmoun where two bodyguards of State Minister for Refugee Affairs Saleh al-Gharib, of the Lebanese Democratic Party of MP Talal Arslan, were killed in an armed clash.

Arslan insists the case be referred to the Judicial Council and that it be listed on the Cabinet agenda which Premier Hariri so far rejects.

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