France Condemns Israeli Demolitions of Palestinian Homes


France condemned a move by Israel on Monday to demolish Palestinian homes near Jerusalem, saying the destruction set a "dangerous precedent" and violated international law.

"France condemns the demolition by the Israeli army of several buildings in the area of Wadi al Hummus, in the southeast of Jerusalem," a statement from the French foreign ministry said.

"These demolitions have taken place for the first time in an area controlled by the Palestinian authority under the Oslo Accords. They represent a dangerous precedent, which poses a direct threat to the two-state solution," it added.

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Missing lappeaudecouille 23 July 2019, 01:53

This carnage has been going on for 70 years. Condemnation is like thoughts and prayers and has no effect on Israel's actions. It is what allows them to continue their abuse of human rights and systemic ethnic cleansing. Any G20 nation that continues to mention the 2 state solution is basically either ignorant of the realities on the ground or just choosing to delay peace consequently aiding Israel in their continuous theft of land.