Report: Lebanon Accuses Israel of Threatening Civilian Infrastructure


Lebanon's ambassador to the United Nations, Amal Mudallali, slammed Israel’s claims at the UN Security Council that the Port of Beirut was used to “smuggle” weapons to Hizbullah, and accused Israel of threatening Lebanon’s civilian infrastructure, media reports said on Wednesday.

“The Lebanese see such accusations as direct threats to peace and civilian infrastructure,” said Mudallali following accusations directed against Lebanon by the Israeli ambassador at the UN.

“If these threats are used to prepare the grounds and international community for an attack on Lebanon's airports and civilian ports and infrastructure -as they did back in 2006- this council should not stay silent," Mudallali said.

The Israeli ambassador claimed at the UN Security Council that Iran was using the port of Beirut to “smuggle” weapons to Hizbullah.

“In 2018 and 2019, Israel found that Iran and the Quds Force were taking action to exploit civilian maritime channels, especially the port of Beirut,” Israel's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Danny Danon said.

Addressing the 15-member UN Security Council, Danon said: “The port of Beirut is now the port of Hizbullah.”

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Thumb enterprise 24 July 2019, 13:22

Lebanon denies hezbollah gets its weapons through illegal crossings from Syria and Iran. Lebanon denies hezbollah gets its weapons through the airport and port.

Can this 'privileged' Amal Mudallali explain to the world how does hezbollah get its weapons into Lebanon? Is it through Israel?

Thumb whyaskwhy 24 July 2019, 18:35

UPS and FEDEX deliver most of the weapons to Kizb in Lebanon enterprise as does Dominoes pizza too! Amal is speaking upon deaf ears all in know that Kizb is running Lebanon. The UN is sadly a joke anymore with little integrity. If you think that you can go through the port of Beirut or the Hariri International airport without the knowledge of Kizb then your are dreaming. Its their country and they will abuse it to the hilt. Meanwhile Baba el kil is sitting on his ass in B3abda telling the world Lebanon is doing great.

Thumb s.o.s 24 July 2019, 15:22

The weapons of terror are delivered by the Holy Spirit according to the terrorist organization. If they don’t come by land, sea and air , how do they get into their filthy hands?

Thumb whyaskwhy 24 July 2019, 20:52

Little John the world has labeled your hate filled religiously zealot party with a Terrorist organisation. The resistance you refer too is liberating Syria from Syrians and has not fired one bullet in what 14 years on Israel? loooool if there are any non Lebanese here its you ya "zionist"

Thumb thepatriot 24 July 2019, 21:00

Danon said: “The port of Beirut is now the port of Hizbullah.”

LOL... this is news to no one in Lebanon...

Missing arturo 25 July 2019, 21:21

One obvious solution is for Lebanon to merge the LAF into Hezbollah and have Hezbollah's army serve as the LAF, under Hezbollah leadership.