Aoun Says Lebanon to Take 'Appropriate Measures' after Israeli Attack


President Michel Aoun on Sunday described the Israeli drone blast in Beirut’s southern suburbs as a “flagrant aggression against Lebanon’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” noting that Lebanon will take the “appropriate measures” in response.

Calling the incident a “new chapter of the continued violations of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701,” Aoun said the development is an “additional indication about Israel’s hostile intentions and its attacks on stability and peace in Lebanon and the region.”

“Lebanon, which strongly condemns this aggression, will take the appropriate measures after consulting with the relevant authorities,” the president added.

The National News Agency meanwhile reported that Aoun had been following up on the situation since the early morning and that he has been briefed on the military prosecution’s preliminary investigations.

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Thumb s.o.s 25 August 2019, 15:16

They were right to do and what proved them right is that the suburbs were sealed off by the terrorist organization, not by the LAF.

Hizbala delenda est.

Thumb galaxy 25 August 2019, 15:24

we're all waiting for the "appropriate measures"! Maybe this time around they will blow you out of your baabda residence all together.

Thumb warrior 26 August 2019, 08:28

That would be appropriate.

Thumb s.o.s 25 August 2019, 20:03

You’re wrong, it wasn’t Lebanon , it’s the terrorist organization Hizbala and they take their instructions from Iran mainly but also from Assad.

This doesn’t mean that the Syrian Resident in Baabda isn’t trying to give them political cover. But this traitor isn’t representative of Lebanon.

Missing phillipo 26 August 2019, 08:57

So s.o.s. who is "representative of Lebanon"? And if there is no-one who can live up to that title, then don't blame Israel for attacking terrorists who are trying to undermine the government of the country.