Abu Faour Hopes Bassil Will 'Reevaluate His Rhetoric' after Laqlouq Meeting


Industry Minister Wael Abu Faour of the Progressive Socialist Party hoped Sunday that the meeting that was held in Laqlouq between Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil and Democratic Gathering head MP Taymour Jumblat will push the FPM leader to “reevaluate his rhetoric.”

“His rhetoric has inflamed tensions in Lebanon,” Abu Faour noted in a radio interview.

He added: “We cannot renounce our principles and the new relation with the FPM will not be at the expense of the relation with the Lebanese Forces.”

“We welcome LF leader Samir Geagea’s visit to Mount Lebanon (Chouf) should it take place,” the minister went on to say.

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Thumb s.o.s 08 September 2019, 15:38

Totally pukable! These people are the reason why every day more Lebanese hate the political factions and the ruling/thieving class.