Khalil Comments on Army Food Supplies Crisis


Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil on Thursday issued a clarification regarding the suspension of foodstuffs delivery to the army by the suppliers.

“Contrary to what is being circulated regarding the funds of the army’s food supplies, those concerned must check with the competent administrations to realize that the issue is incorrect,” Khalil tweeted.

“The fund are being transferred in a normal manner and the demands of some suppliers are related to previous funds that had required certain measures in line with the norms,” Khalil added.

The suppliers had issued a statement saying they had stopped supplying the army with “the necessary foodstuffs, including Arabic bread, vegetables and fresh meat as of September 9” due to the Finance Ministry’s failure to pay them fees overdue since November 2018.

Army Commander General Joseph Aoun had contacted Khalil in recent days and the minister promised him to resolve the issue.

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Thumb ansarullah 12 September 2019, 18:03

God bless hizbullah aka the official army of Lebanon

ما بدنا جيش بلبنان إلا جيشك يا حسين