Salameh Brushes Off Concerns about Dollar Availability, Billingslea’s Visit


Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh on Monday appeased concerns about the availability of the dollar currency in Lebanon’s banking sector, and brushed off fears about the visit of a US government official to Lebanon.

“The dollar is available in the Lebanese banking sector. There is a lot of exaggeration,” assured Salameh.

“BDL has its assets in dollars and there is no need for special measures or media intimidation,” he added.

On concerns that the visit of Treasury Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing Marshall Billingslea to Lebanon could carry US sanctions on more Lebanese banks after sanctioning Jammal Trust Bank.

Salameh said: “Billingslea’s visit is most welcome and it does not aim to tighten the noose on Lebanon. It aims to explain the motives behind sanctions at JTB”

He stressed: “We are in constant contact with the US Treasury. It is in Lebanon's interest to have good relations with it.”

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