Hariri Still Insisting on Technocrat Govt., Report Says


Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Monday reportedly announced that he is still insisting on forming a technocrat government.

“Let them go to binding parliamentary consultations and I’m still committed to forming a government of experts,” Hariri told al-Mustaqbal Movement’s political bureau according to LBCI television.

An official statement issued by Hariri’s office said the caretaker PM presided over a politburo meeting and that discussions “tackled the general political situations, especially the circumstances related to the government formation process.”

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Thumb lebnanfirst 19 November 2019, 01:21

Stick to it this time, the people will back you all the way IF you stick to it ALL THE WAY

Thumb libanaisresilient 19 November 2019, 02:28

He should form a Technocrat board to save his own businesses... Lol Pathetic

Missing cedars 19 November 2019, 04:58

What happened ? The 21 million chick could have been bought by less? He is running out of millions..