Ammar Says Security Forces Stood Idly By as MPs were being 'Insulted'


MP Ali Ammar of Hizbullah’s Loyalty to Resistance bloc on Wednesday accused security forces of “standing idly by” as lawmakers were being “insulted” at road-blocking protests around parliament building on Tuesday.

“We saw officers and soldiers standing idly by as the MPs of the nation were being insulted at roadblocks,” Ammar said from Ain el-Tineh.

“The army commander promised that as much as he would protect protesters, he would be keen on protecting the right to movement, but unfortunately what we saw was suspicious,” Ammar added.

A military source meanwhile clarified to LBCI television that “yesterday the Lebanese Army was tasked with securing the public roads leading to parliament’s entrances while the Internal Security Forces were in charge of the entrances.”

Footage of Ammar riding a scooter near parliament and chanting with protesters besieging the legislature’s building has gone viral on social media in Lebanon.

A video shows a smiling Ammar arriving on foot to a road-blocking protest near parliament, where a controversial legislative session was due to be held.

Ammar then engages in an apparently friendly chat with protesters before leaving the area.

Another video shows Ammar raising his fist in the air and chanting “down with the rule of thugs” with protesters as he arrives to another road-blocking point.

And as protesters chant “Hela, Hela, Hela, Hela, Ho, parliament is closed, sweetie!”, Ammar starts clapping.

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Thumb marcus 20 November 2019, 17:14

stfu @POS.

Thumb roflmfao 20 November 2019, 17:18

Dudes.. but.. as MPs were being 'Insulted'.. he was singing along!..

Thumb thepatriot 20 November 2019, 17:18


Thumb whyaskwhy 20 November 2019, 17:34

He got exactly what he deserved and no one in this case touched him.
He is a member of the elite and thinks that he is a god or something as if people should adorn he knows what it feels like to be a citizen in a dictatorship

Missing samiam 20 November 2019, 17:43

THe army is to protect the people, not to protect thugs or MP's. Act nice and maybe you will receive it in return.

Thumb s.o.s 20 November 2019, 19:09

He should be happy that he’s only getting insulted whilst his thugs storm downtown and beat up demonstrators with batons or stab peaceful civilians with knives and screwdrivers.

Missing cedars 21 November 2019, 14:13

He is complaining because he was injured by the peaceful protesters.

He came on the same bikes that carried out the attacks on the peaceful protesters and he demonstrated to the Lebanese people that he returned untouched.

Is he making sense that he wants intervention of a third party if he is clapping and enjoying himself?