Jumblat Says Presidential Term, Taef Accord Have 'Ended'


Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat on Wednesday announced that the presidential tenure of President Michel Aoun and the 1989 Taef Accord have “ended,” as he revealed that he has advised caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri not to lead the new government.

Asked whether caretaker Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil will be among the new ministers, Jumblat told MTV: “I believe that some faces have expired.”

Revealing that Hizbullah has not “pressured” him to keep the PSP’s ministers in Hariri’s government, Jumblat said: “I showed solidarity with Hariri until he resigned and we all drowned.”

“After resignation I advised Hariri several times not to lead the new government and I told him ‘let them rule even with a one-sided government,’” the PSP leader added.

Asked about Aoun’s latest TV interview, Jumblat said: “The presidential tenure has ended, on the streets. Ghassan Ayyash wrote it – the second republic has ended. The Taef Accord has ended.”

Noting that he had warned Hariri against endorsing Mohammed Safadi for the premiership, Jumblat added that he does not agree with Hizbullah that “most of what’s happening on the streets is a conspiracy.”

“The people are honestly expressing their desire for change,” he said.

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Thumb Marc 20 November 2019, 23:08

Here is an idea, tell all your MPs and affiliate MPs to resign from the Parliament. I dare you

Thumb lebnanfirst 21 November 2019, 05:45

LOL, you really believe Hizbullah will "play"? Nasrallah doesn't/didn't want
- gov to fall
- early elections
- playing conspiracy card (so cliche and passé)

Does that not tell you something?
LOL, man jarrab al-mujarreb...

Thumb chrisrushlau 21 November 2019, 15:16

If Hezbollah wants to play, it will put Lebanon's Shia majority on the streets to demand the end of the Article 24 set-aside of half of parliament to Christians, one-man/one-vote, majority rule with minority rights. A guy in Israel tells me Hezbollah is afraid that if this happens Israel will destroy Lebanon and blame it on Hezbollah. I think those days have gone forever. Israel and Lebanon need a stable Lebanon, one based on public support.

Thumb lebanonforever 21 November 2019, 06:47

Jumby and Berri are the sneakiest..

Why is Jumby advising Hariri on anything?? Since when is Jumby a Hariri adviser??
Why is Jumby quick to point at Presidential credentials and Taef??

Only because the truth is, they do want the Christian seat to implode and as has been the case over past 40+ years, see the Christians leave Lebanon for the measures of meeting the Kissinger road map..

This is scary and I remain against everything FPM and Aoun..
I believe Aoun is a project to destry the last Christian seat by dividing the Christians against each other to the benefit of the Druze, Palestinians and Syrians...

The sunni and shia will watch and clap...

finally, Jumby is given too much air time judging others when he also refuses to resign!!!
Berri does the same..

Part of the same sneaky evil pact