Paris to Hold Lebanon Support Meeting on Wednesday


France intends to hold a Paris meeting Wednesday for the International Support Group for Lebanon to help the country cope with its dire economic crisis, media reports said.

A European official confirmed that invitations to the meeting have been sent out.

A Lebanese official meanwhile said that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are expected to be invited to the meeting.

President Michel Aoun is scheduled to hold binding consultations with parliamentary blocs on Monday with the aim of naming a new premier.

Saad Hariri had tendered his government’s resignation on October 29, bowing to pressure from unprecedented street protests against corruption and economic hardships.

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Thumb s.o.s 06 December 2019, 17:35

France is backing the current kleptomaniac ruling class.... just like they back Iran even though it murdered over 1000 demonstrators and imprisoned at least 7000 of them. This is France !
This isn’t inherent to macron, the previous presidents were just like him.