Emadi Says Qatar to 'Stand by' Lebanon during Crisis


Qatari Finance Minister Ali el-Emadi said on Saturday that his country will stand by Lebanon during its current economic crisis, media reports said.

Emadi was quoted as telling a conference in Doha, that “Qatar will stand by Lebanon during crisis,” and that “Lebanon’s economic and financial stability are very important for the Middle East.”

Lebanon is passing through an unprecedented economic and financial crisis amid mass protests ongoing since October 17 against the entire political class.

Lebanon’s economic crisis is one rooted in years of heavy borrowing and expensive patronage networks run by entrenched political parties.

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Thumb doodle-dude 14 December 2019, 16:17

lol @ 'Shukran Qatar'

Missing cedars 15 December 2019, 01:37

Even the outsider knows our problem. Heavy borrowing was obviously stolen and sitting in Swiss banks.

Missing cedars 15 December 2019, 01:38

Min Ayna Laka Haza? From the heavy borrowing.