Hariri Still Insisting on Technocrat Government


Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s will not change his stance on the need to form a government of experts that would be able to confront the economic and social challenges, sources close to him said.

“Should he be designated to form the new government, PM Hariri will seek to form an integrated team comprising figures who have expertise,” LBCI TV quoted the Center House sources as saying.

“Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc will emphasize on this approach in the parliamentary consultations scheduled for tomorrow,” the sources added.

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Thumb doodle-dude 15 December 2019, 14:59

lol @ 'Hariri Still Insisting'

Thumb the-truth 15 December 2019, 18:57

And we're insisting that you go back to Saudi Arabia

Thumb Mystic 15 December 2019, 19:04

He has to be involved, he is the major head of the Sunni community, and he needs to maintain his post instead of hiding everytime things gets hot.

Lebanon needs stability, and blocking roads does not lead to anything good for anyone, only America and Israel that wants Lebanon to be at a stand still.

Thumb canadianleb 15 December 2019, 19:37

Who made him the head of the Sunni Community?.. this sectarian philosophy has to stop... I am sure a lot of Sunnis would disagree with you especially the ones he left in KSA with debts they can not pay..

Thumb Mystic 15 December 2019, 19:54

He has been voted in by the Sunni community again and again, and he is an experienced prime minister.

Personally I prefer someone I know, even if I do not agree with him.
Instead of something new that might even make matters worse.

Technocrats? THey going to make our 80 billion debt disappear?

Thumb canadianleb 15 December 2019, 22:07

You are funny Mystic.. if you want the debt to disapear just got all of the thieves to pay back what they stole and that would make a large dent in the deficit or you disagree.. I know change is scary but it can't be any worse than what we had for the past 30 years. You and your friends had your chance and you blew it so stop blaming everybody but you and the rest of the Lebanese and try becoming a civilized society

Thumb canadianleb 15 December 2019, 22:08

You mean he bought the votes nobody in Lebanon was voted in without buying the sheep. Sunni , Shia , Christian they are all the same

Thumb Mystic 15 December 2019, 22:59

I don't have the highest wage myself, but I prefer stability over chaos between the Lebanese.
To remove corruption is a must, but it must be done in order.

Not blocking off roads and blocking parliament. The little system we do have at the moment have to be maintained.

You yourself live in Canada I guess? So it is easy for you to say you want change in a country that mixes change with instability.
This is Lebanon not Canada or Europe.

Thumb Mystic 15 December 2019, 23:04

They will never pay it back, they will prefer to let the money stay in Swiss banks until their deaths, instead of admitting their corruption, this is how all corruption works.
What we can do is to make sure corruption is not continuing.

Thumb lebnanfirst 15 December 2019, 23:19

Yes, you NEED him involved in order to cover your asses just as you NEED FPM fig leaf.

That being the case, accept his conditions, and those of the majority of Lebanese as well as those who came down to the street. TECHNOCHRAT government to deal with the MESSAGE your party HA left in its wake.

Don't forget Iran wanting to subjugate Lebanon as well. You just can't get rid of your hatred of the West? Well then let it stick in throat forever, cause we loath everything Iranian...

Thumb lebnanfirst 15 December 2019, 23:20

That's MESS instead of message though in retrospect, can't see much difference!

Thumb tric.portugal 16 December 2019, 04:27

In Cristhmas Time...the atack against the Head of Cristhianity in the Lebanese Political System....in Cristhmas time USA promoted the Chaos in Lebanon....In Cristhmas Time the Arab League "finance" movements of Tripoli against the Cristhians!!?? In Cristhmas Time....