French FM Urges Lebanon Leaders to 'Get Moving'


French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on Sunday said Lebanese leaders should push to resolve the crisis paralyzing the country.

"Political authorities should get moving because the country is in a dramatic situation," he told French public radio.

Lebanon's government stepped down on October 29 in the face of massive popular protests, but bitterly divided political parties have subsequently failed to agree on a new premier.

The process of forming a government will take place as Lebanon faces a deepening economic crisis.

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Thumb chrisrushlau 15 December 2019, 17:30

He specifically mentioned Article 24 of the Lebanese Constitution, which reserves half of Lebanon's parliamentary seats for Christians, as something that has to go. "What would the world say if France reserved half of the seats in its national legislature to some group?" He was speaking on's new TV show, "So You Think You Know Lebanon's Constitutional Article 24," which received three Emmy awards during its first minutes on air as well as the Nobel Peace Prize. Israel reportedly put its nuclear force on high alert in response to the telecast.

Thumb Mystic 15 December 2019, 19:09

Mind your own business, Yellow vests protested for a year now and we don't see you talk for your own people so shut up.

The so called French civilization murdered many yellow vests protests in Paris. We do not here about that so much in the news, because everyone wants to be the french errand boys, especially AN Nahar news

Thumb marcus 15 December 2019, 19:31

Is your ayatollah in Iran talking to his people? So, stfu!

Thumb Geralt 16 December 2019, 13:09

They should have minded their own business and never welcomed Ayatollah Khomeini and then the Iranian puppet Michel Aoun. We would have been so relieved of their ugly faces.

Missing lebonknees4peace 15 December 2019, 23:22

Yeah mystic!