Strong Lebanon Bloc Urges Quick Electricity and Economy Reform


The Strong Lebanon bloc announced Tuesday that the new government will be formed “despite all the difficulties we are hearing about.”

“Blocking its formation chokes the Lebanese and the country,” MP Ibrahim Kanaan said after the bloc’s weekly meeting.

“The bloc is offering all facilitations and cooperation is needed from all blocs and parties, because we are in an extraordinary situation and we must rescue the country instead of fighting over power,” Kanaan added.

He said that the new government must immediately seek “direct and quick reforms in the electricity file and in the economic, banking and social files.”

“The time is for salvation, not political conflicts and debates,” Kanaan added.

“That’s why we stress that we are exerting every effort needed from us,” he went on to say.

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Thumb justin 21 January 2020, 18:40

Strong Lebanon Bloc Urges Quick Electricity and Economy Reform

Electricity reform?! The same electricity that has been an FPM exclusive ministry for 8 years?!

Thumb doodle-dude 21 January 2020, 18:43

The new government should immediately address blablablablablabla's misuse and abuse of his deep and wide luv tunnel and enact reforms that limit the number of those violating his deep and wide luv tunnel and impose taxes on the revenues he derives from such immoral acts.

Thumb just-lebanese 21 January 2020, 19:31

They're going to need electricity reform to power their new electric fence around parliament.

Missing samiam 21 January 2020, 19:50

If Basil is around, then no electricity for years unless he gets a cut. FPM has been in charge for how many years now and note the improvement in our electricity so far.

Failing Political Mafia

Thumb s.o.s 21 January 2020, 21:04

As a mafia, they succeeded extremely well.... but as politicians, they failed big time.

Thumb thepatriot 22 January 2020, 08:05

It is a joke right?