Bassil at Davos Despite Uproar over Visit


Former Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil attended the elite annual World Economic Forum in the Swiss village Davos despite social media cries telling the forum to have him “uninvited.”

The National News Agency on Thursday said Bassil, who is also head of the Free Patriotic Movement, took part in two dialogue sessions, one on the situation in Syria and one that tackled the situation in the Middle East.

He also held a series of meetings with senior leaders in the region and some western officials, added NNA.

In crisis-hit Lebanon, many Lebanese took to social media to tell the forum they think Bassil “a failed, corrupt and especially an ousted minister to still represent their voice on the world stage,” has no business being there.

More than 18,000 participated in a Twitter poll, in which over 75% said he doesn't represent them. Online petitions against his participation collected nearly 50,000 signatures.

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Thumb ex-fpm 23 January 2020, 12:44

Who paid for his un necessary trip? If it is government money (which it is ) he should be held accountable for wasting public funds and jailed. As of yesterday Bassil had no official position in the Lebanese government.

Thumb ex-fpm 23 January 2020, 13:04

A year ago at Davos....

Gebran Bassil: We can teach Washington, London how to run a country without budget

Live interview with CNN's Becky Anderson

Thumb ashtah 23 January 2020, 13:16

and we can clearly see the results of his teachings today: corruption, bankruptcy and total chaos.

Missing cedars 23 January 2020, 13:51

Every single minister he appointed and connected to him is a true useless corrupt and have zero clean record. He is obviously trying hard to get more votes but franjieh is going to win...

Missing thatisit 23 January 2020, 15:42

Wherever that corrupt Iranian MF goes there is blood and uproar. Time to lock him up.

Thumb justin 23 January 2020, 16:00

Why does this thief have to go to Davos or any Lebanese official for that matter? This is an economic forum and Lebanese politicians across the board are corrupt and have proved they cannot manage an economy let alone lecture on matters of this nature.

Thumb s.o.s 23 January 2020, 16:53

I have two uncles who go to Switzerland and Luxembourg on a yearly basis... it certainly isn’t for Davos, they pay their bankers a visit.
Let’s not be naive about Bassil, with billions of dollars stolen, the bankers go to Bassil in Davos.

Missing peace 23 January 2020, 16:56

bah! he is only dreaming of matching Putin and all the other real statesmen!