Mashnouq Slams Mustaqbal Supporters who Attacked al-Jadeed TV


Beirut MP Nouhad al-Mashnouq on Sunday blasted Mustaqbal Movement supporters who had attacked the building of al-Jadeed TV in Beirut on Friday.

“I was worried for the Sunni community… and I grew more worried after I saw thugs attacking al-Jadeed TV’s building and smashing its entrance, and after thugs whose loyalty is well-known came out of our ranks to attack a media outlet, after their brilliant success outside my house,” Mashnouq, who distanced himself from al-Mustaqbal bloc after the 2018 elections, tweeted.

“They were likely trained at the hands of the protectors of the Council for South,” the ex-interior minister added, referring to the AMAL Movement supporters who assaulted anti-corruption protesters in Jnah on Friday.

Lashing out at the person who “sent them” and identifying him by his first name Saleh, Mashnouq thanked God that slain ex-PM Rafik Hariri is no longer among us “so that he doesn’t see what is being committed in his name.”

Those who attacked the TV network on Friday were protesting an anti-corruption show that exposed properties owned by prominent political leaders. Al-Mustaqbal Movement leader and ex-PM Saad Hariri was among those mentioned.

Al-Jadeed said Hariri owns 71 real estate properties in Jezzine, Sidon, Aley and Beirut as well as six companies.

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Thumb whyaskwhy 27 January 2020, 00:45

Mashnook a man of great carechator..

Thumb warrior 27 January 2020, 08:56

hang yourself!

Thumb s.o.s 27 January 2020, 19:10

Wasn’t it his brother who hung himself unless he threw himself out of the window a few years ago....?

Thumb libanaisresilient 27 January 2020, 21:14

Everybody knows Hariri owns those Properties and is the main beneficiary behind those companies. All companies chaired by Mohammed Choucair belong to Hariri actually. Choucair is only Hariri's useful Idiot