Trump Unveils Mideast Peace Plan, Says It Entails 'Realistic' 2-State Solution


U.S. President Donald Trump Tuesday unveiled long-awaited details of a U.S. plan for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, warning it may represent the last chance at statehood for the Palestinians.

"Today, Israel takes a big step towards peace," Trump told a White House news conference, standing alongside visiting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he revealed key points of the plan already strongly rejected by the Palestinians.

"My vision presents a win-win opportunity for both sides, a realistic two state solution that resolves the risk of Palestinian statehood to Israel's security," Trump said.

The plan was warmly welcomed by Israel's prime minister, who called it a "historic day" for the Jewish state.

The plan, Trump said, proposes a four-year freeze of Israeli development in the area eyed for a future Palestinian state.

"Jerusalem will remain Israel's undivided, very important, undivided capital," Trump stressed.

But the plan would also provide the Palestinians with a capital in occupied East Jerusalem, he said, while indicating that the West Bank would not be cut in half under the plan.

"We will also work to create a contiguous territory within the future Palestinian state, for when the conditions for statehood are met, including the firm rejection of terrorism," Trump said as he called on the Palestinians to turn their back on the Islamist Hamas movement.

Calling it a "historic opportunity" for the Palestinians to achieve an independent state, Trump said he had written Tuesday to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to enlist his support for the plan.

No Palestinian official was present at the launch although the ambassadors from three Arab nations -- Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain -- were at the White House.

"I explained to (Abbas) that the territory allocated for his new state will remain open and undeveloped for a period of four years," Trump said.

"This could be the last opportunity they will ever have."

"Palestinians are in poverty and violence, exploited by those seeking to use them as pawns to advance terrorism and extremism," the president added.

"They deserve a far better life," he said.

Trump added that "no Israelis or Palestinians will be uprooted from their homes."

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Thumb gebran_sons 28 January 2020, 19:25

The Golden Epoch of our region is when we create a MEPEC (Middle East Political and Economic Community) similar to Europe EU that must include Israel, a Palestinian State and Iran; of course after a government change in these 3 countries. Just think of Europe where Germany and France waged wars for hundreds of years killing millions, have now best economic and political friends and biggest mutual traders after joining EU. In war one side always loses (often both sides), but in business, all sides benefit. Unfortunately, now Nassrallah, Khameini, Natanyaho are all faces of the same coin using each other’s to maintain power and nurture hatred. Soon Arab-Israeli will join government and I hope this will be the catalyst for change. Lebanon, the Shia and South Lebanon will be the biggest benefactors of a regional peace opening the door for a prosperous future and joint ventures in AI, machine learning, biomedical, home automation, renewable energy, tourism and others.

Missing ramezg 28 January 2020, 22:01

Please do not use my cousin Gebran's name or picture to write such nonsense. Gebran's memory deserves better than to forgive israel's 70 years of non-stop crimes and welcome it on occupied arab land.

Thumb doodle-dude 29 January 2020, 06:55

lol @ Gebran Bassil's cousin

Thumb s.o.s 28 January 2020, 19:51

The only thing that matters is the right for the Palestinians to return to their homeland before even considering investing in the region. I have a suggestion for Trump, take in all the refugees that disagree with your plan so they can live freely as American citizens because the US is a huge place and can accommodate immigrants unlike the already overcrowded Middle East.

Missing bigjohn 28 January 2020, 20:10

This "offer" does nothing to the right of return of refugees. Not even to the West bank. It gives money to PERMANENTLY settle the Palestinians in Jordan, Lebanon, and other Arab countries. The Palestinian "state" will be a number of densely populated Bantus-tans like it was in South Africa while they seize 30% more of the West bank and get nothing in return. This what was Apartheid South Africa was and this is what the Israelis who control Trump on the Middle East are offering.

We are in the twenty first century and the "leader" of the "free" world is offering Apartheid to the majority Palestinians and no right of return to the millions of Palestinians. ONLY Jews around the world have full right of return. At least the white south Africans were not criminal enough to expel most of the black majority in South Africa to make them a minority with ethnic cleansing.

Missing bigjohn 28 January 2020, 20:12

Since the American Zionist paid leaders love the Zionists so much why not give them one of the 50 states and have the gulf states pay the 50 billion dollars to leave all of Palestine.

Thumb s.o.s 28 January 2020, 23:45

You’re always a radical bigJohn but I must concede to you that this scam of a peace plan is a Shoah against the Palestinians. If I were Israeli I would be ashamed. As for Trump, he will most likely be re-elected ... so this type of stupidity is to be expected for another few years.

Thumb kanaanljdid 28 January 2020, 20:25

Great plan, let's endorse it and free our minds from Fakestinian and Hizbushaytan propaganda.

Thumb s.o.s 28 January 2020, 23:42

The Palestinians descend from the ancient Jews... they may not be Jews by they are locals.
I’m in favor of an Israeli sate but it can’t be done this way,this is pure spoliation... by decree similar to those Adolf Hitler issued to spoliate the European Jews. It may be turned into law but it won’t serve Israel’s interests on the long run.

Thumb tric.portugal 28 January 2020, 21:48

The Jews are given the Europe to the Mecas... That the big plan that USA have to the region... Weak the Europeans in the middle east and support the power of Mecas and Israel... That's why usa administration gonna destroy political the cristhianity in Lebanon... USA administration have a plan for the region without listening the Arab cristhians... Only listening the Mecas whhaabis and the Jews... USA, the exterminator of the Arab cristhianity

Missing ramezg 28 January 2020, 22:09

Rightfully, the only plan that the Palestinians will ever accept would have to include a return of all Palestinian refugees to their original homes or hometowns, and a return to the pre-1967 border meaning Jerusalem would be re-divided. This would also mean that colonist Jews currently living in illegal settlements will have to evacuate their illegally built homes in the West Bank. Then, who knows, maybe they can all create a federated/united country which unifies Jerusalem, or place Jerusalem under U.N. jurisdiction, or work out such a solution. It is preposterous to even entertain the idea of allowing israel to own all of Jerusalem and/or to expect Lebanon to naturalize the palestinian refugees on its land. The concept of "israel's undivided eternal capital" is absurd on its face.

Thumb thepatriot 29 January 2020, 08:37

Personally, I couldn't care less about Palestinians and Israelis.
They both damaged us a lot. They can both rot in hell. We are neither their problem, nor their sollution, we just need those refugees out of here! Enough already!

Thumb s.o.s 29 January 2020, 16:16

Je ne suis pas fan des palestiniens non plus mais il ne faut pas leur enlever l’espoir, parce que c’est à peu près tout ce qu’il leur reste.... surtout ceux qui vivent au Liban. Sinon il peut y avoir danger...