Man Shot by Police after 'Terrorist-Related' London Stabbing


British police on Sunday said they had shot a man in Streatham in south London after several people were stabbed in a suspected "terrorist-related" incident. 

"A man has been shot by armed officers in #Streatham. At this stage it is believed a number of people have been stabbed," London's Metropolitan Police said on Twitter. 

"The circumstances are being assessed; the incident has been declared as terrorist-related."

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Thumb joebustani 02 February 2020, 18:33

A senior official at the Metropolitan Police revealed to Angela Whitehall, BBC's senior correspondent on the scene, the assailant was shot 3 times in the head while brandishing a machete and yelling in a foreign middle-eastern language "Labayka Ya Nassrallah". The senior official revealed on the the condition of anonymity the identity of the assailant as Abbas Jaafar Hussein, a shia Lebanese who hails from the town of Nabatiyeh in Southern Lebanon. The town is known to be a terror hub for the Iranian based hezbollah; an internationally renowned terror group with confirmed links to terrorism, money laundering, drug trade and child abuse.

It is believed the assailant acted on the orders of the terror group's leader Hassan Nassrallah to avenge the death of an Iranian General killed last month in an American drone attack in Baghdad.

Source: Agence France Press

Thumb s.o.s 02 February 2020, 19:13

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