Diab and Wazni Meet World Bank Officials, ABL Chief


Prime Minister Hassan Diab held separate talks Wednesday with a World Bank delegation and Lebanon’s Association of Banks chief Salim Sfeir.

Diab’s meeting with the World Bank team was held away from reporters’ eyes according to TV networks.

Finance Minister Ghazi Wazni meanwhile chaired an economic-financial meeting at the Grand Serail in the presence of World Bank representatives, Finance Ministry Director General Alain Bifani and Diab’s economic and financial team.

The National News Agency said the meeting is a completion of the previous economic and financial meetings aimed at devising a complete economic and financial plan for the coming period.

MTV meanwhile reported that Diab is inclined to ask for a “technical consultation” from the International Monetary Fund that would not inflict harsh measures on Lebanon.

“This consultation would lay out a roadmap for what the government can do in the face of the crisis,” the TV network added.

MTV also said that a meeting would be held Wednesday afternoon with IMF officials at Diab’s request.

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Missing peace 12 February 2020, 20:49

we all know how you re going to solve the crisis= steal money from the poor while leaving those rich go away with their money...

Thumb s.o.s 12 February 2020, 22:12

I’m so glad I stopped paying all taxes + electricity + water bill

Missing samiam 13 February 2020, 05:50

lol--this country needs more than advisors and a roadmap. It needs huge underlying changes to the way business is done here and to do that it needs a shock. This country is like a company in bankruptcy---it needs to be put in receivership and have someone else manage it for a while and babysit it while changes are done.

When they are talking about talking, it is actually just talking. This country has no direction and it needs an influx of cash and expertise but not a single entity is willing to give cash without it making fundamental changes, and not many people see that ever happening.