Geagea: Only Hizbullah Can Now Stop Country's Collapse


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said Monday that “only Hizbullah can now stop the country’s collapse” and that “it can pull it out of the current situation if it implements three steps.”

“Hizbullah must remove the cover off its allies, combat corruption in action not in words, withdraw from the region’s problems, end its interference in Yemen and other countries, and hand over its weapons to the Lebanese state, which must regain control of the strategic decision,” Geagea told MTV.

Commenting on Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s latest remarks about the country’s crisis, Geagea said Nasrallah’s call for forming a panel comprising all forces to seek a solution for the economic crisis is an “attempt to dodge responsibility.”

“The decisions are required from the government,” he said.

He added that the call for early elections will be the main demand of the coming period “once it is confirmed that the current government will fail in taking the necessary rescue steps.”

“This can be confirmed through its first practical step,” Geagea noted.

Separately, Geagea said talk of an opposition alliance between the LF, al-Mustaqbal Movement and the Progressive Socialist Party seems to be “premature,” noting that Mustaqbal and the PSP have not yet decided to engage in a “confrontation” against the new government.

He, however, noted that should Mustaqbal leader ex-PM Saad Hariri decide to “put his rhetoric into action and go to opposition, the only party he can rely on is the LF.”

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Thumb s.o.s 17 February 2020, 21:18

LoL I mean really LoL, tyrans and terrorists never give up power willingly, it must be taken away from them and usually by force. Hizbala is no exception!

As of elections, the electoral legislation must be modified, anyone who’s been on a list or in any current policy party should not qualify. And the end of the sectarian system is the first condition.

Thumb Mystic 18 February 2020, 18:22

Geagea left the government, so his words does not matter and have no impact.

If he wants to voice his opinion, he should come back into the fold and join the government, not just be a Saudi-American spokesperson like Gemayel.

Thumb Mystic 18 February 2020, 18:23

And if he really wants to combat corruption, his name and Gemayel name is on the list of corruption.

Thumb canadianleb 17 February 2020, 21:28

Agreed, so lets start with Aoun, if you recall he was best buddies with a few Israeli generals....

Missing bigjohn 17 February 2020, 21:29

There is ONLY one future to collaborators and it is death...Vietnam, Afghanistan, Algeria, South Africa, Iraq, Shah's Iran, SLA, ETC ETC

Thumb canadianleb 17 February 2020, 21:49

Here you go looser...

Thumb thepatriot 17 February 2020, 22:30

Aoun was always going with the wind.
He was with whoever was going to get him to power.
The French, The Americans, The Israelis, Bashar el Assad, Ebola...
He has ZZZZZZERO Honor! He is the biggest sold out of Lebanese History...

Thumb canadianleb 17 February 2020, 22:41

Hey Bigjohn look up the Iran Contra affair and based on your statement all the Iranian Islamic revolutionaries should be killed as they were buying weapons from the US and Israel to kill Iraqis...

Thumb thepatriot 17 February 2020, 22:28

Nice canadianleb!

Thumb tric.portugal 17 February 2020, 22:49

The alies os geagea ate the dogs that defend the integration of Meca refugies in Lebanon ...geagea defends the islamization of Lebanon

Missing peace 17 February 2020, 23:10

all the politicians and i mean all of them are using the protest movement to settle scores between themselves... not one is issuing a mea culpa but rather accusing the others of corruption and mismanagemennt while they were ALL in power . They either turned a blind eye to save their interests or actively participated in the mess that brought lebanon to bankruptcy...

Missing keserwaniaseel 17 February 2020, 23:27

Liljohn thanks for proving who you really are and your fake name

Thumb just-lebanese 18 February 2020, 05:14

Killon ya3ne Killon, ow Geagea wa7ad minnon...BUT...he speaks the truth. I wish more politicians and citizens/thuwwar would straight up call it what it is. It is is Hizballah that is the root or all problems. Period.

Missing samiam 18 February 2020, 05:55

Say what you will, he at least went to jail and did (somewhat) pay for his crimes, unlike Aoun who ran away and deserted his troops.

Thumb thepatriot 18 February 2020, 12:16

I agree @just-leb and @samiam.
Still... "kellon ya3ne Kellon"!

Missing samiam 18 February 2020, 13:02

comparing one rotten apple to another and saying this one is less bad doesn't diminish the fact the apples are in fact rotten and need to go.

Thumb LongLiveLebanon 18 February 2020, 15:37

I don't blame Hizbullah as much as I oppose the stance of their allies the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM), the Marada and Amal. The FPM in particular should distance itself from a disastrous alliance with Hizbullah and should agree to holding fresh legislative elections under a more realistic and fairer electoral law.