Hasan Cancels Airport Tour Linked to Italian Plane Arrival


Health Minister Hamad Hasan on Monday canceled a planned visit to the Rafik Hariri International Airport that had been scheduled for 4:50 pm, his office said.

The office did not elaborate on the reason.

The National News Agency had earlier reported that Hasan would head to the airport to follow up on the arrival of an Italian plane and the measures that will be taken to examine passengers for coronavirus symptoms.

A plane coming from Iran had landed at the airport in the morning.

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Thumb s.o.s 24 February 2020, 17:08


Filthy Iranian stooge!

Thumb ashtah 24 February 2020, 17:26

He prefers self-quarantine :)

Missing samiam 24 February 2020, 17:55

Fake doctor trying to make himself look good. Can't handle a real situation

Thumb s.o.s 24 February 2020, 18:29

MTV: None of the Italian plane passengers was quarantined after no one showed any coronavirus symptoms.

How many times do we have to remind people that this virus can be asymptomatic. Measure the temperature is useless as a detection method.

À coton swap must be passed in the nose or throat and analyzed. It takes 2 hours to get the results in France. Why are we still using inappropriate methods?