Diab Hits Back at 'Emergency' Advocates, Says State Must Help People


Prime Minister Hassan Diab on Tuesday said those calling for the declaration of a state of emergency over coronavirus must first “read the law and its stipulations,” noting that officials have a duty to seek ways to assist citizens whose jobs have been affected by the lockdown.

“The state must help the people, but the presence of social solidarity is necessary,” Diab added, during a cabinet session at the Grand Serail.

“It is necessary for the military and security agencies to be stricter in regions where the people have not respected the precautionary quarantine,” the premier said, according to Information Minister Manal Abdul Samad.

The Cabinet meanwhile approved a draft law suspending some articles of the 2020 state budget in a manner that allows municipalities and independent authorities to “spend or contribute to any public or private party, on the condition that this aid entails social and health services aimed at confronting the coronavirus pandemic,” the minister added.

Ministers meanwhile voiced their remarks over that capital control draft law and the discussions will be continued later, Abdul Samad went on to say.

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