Hariri Lauds China's Efforts against Coronavirus


Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri has sent a reply letter to the head of the International Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, Song Tao, in which he expressed his great appreciation for the coordinated efforts of the Chinese officials to confront the coronavirus pandemic, lauding China's contribution in helping Lebanon combat this virus, his office said.

“I express to you, on my behalf, and in the name of the Future (al-Mustaqbal) movement, and through you to the Communist Party of China led by its Secretary General, Chinese President Xi Jinping, the great appreciation for the coordinated efforts of the party, the government and the people, and for the transparent humanitarian responsibilities to face the coronavirus, on the human, health, economic and social levels,” Hariri said in an English-language statement distributed by his office.

“We are pleased to note the good points achieved in your country, and the experiences and approaches from which all humanity can benefit,” the ex-PM added.

He said: “We in Lebanon are facing the spread of the pandemic. And from our political and public position, I announced and worked on the necessity of Lebanese solidarity, from all popular, official and governmental forces, to take the appropriate measures at all levels to succeed in the battle of limiting the losses, combatting the virus and ensuring the health of the citizens, despite the current conditions of Lebanon.”

Hariri also lauded China's contribution through its embassy in Beirut, as well as China's contributions in many countries of the world.

He concluded by saying: “I would like to express my personal desire, and that of the Future movement, to pursue and activate communication with the Communist Party of China in all forms and at all levels. I also express my wishes for direct communication with you and the party's Secretary-General, when circumstances allow it, after humanity’s victory over the epidemic and the return of global stability and direct interaction.”

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Missing rabiosa 25 March 2020, 16:25

Wow! Now admiring Communist Regimes? Who knew? New you know he'll gather all those young men in Beirut and all over Lebanon who don the Che Guevara t-shirts, thinking he's a cool revolutionary rather than a rampaging murderer, and praise him and Castro's of Cuba as well.