Army Patrol Comes under Fire in Baalbek Town


An army patrol came under gunfire Sunday during a raid to arrest fugitives from “the M. family” in the Baalbek district town of Maqneh, the National News Agency said.

“This prompted the patrol’s members to respond in kind, which resulted in the wounding in the leg of A.A.M. before he was arrested with another person,” NNA added.

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Thumb ansarullah 29 March 2020, 20:55

Shia Shia Shia !!!

Thumb s.o.s 30 March 2020, 00:05

La crème de la crème, the resistance.

Missing cedars 30 March 2020, 01:18

Mousawi family, no need to be shy..remember the saying: our arms will ONLY be pointed at Israel?

Thumb whyaskwhy 30 March 2020, 17:45

Another sucess by Kizb to help lebanon gain its Iranian dependance....