PSP Warns of 'Dangerous Social Explosion'


The Progressive Socialist Party on Monday warned that the growing economic and financial crisis which has been aggravated by the coronavirus lockdown risks to trigger a “dangerous social explosion.”

Slamming “the absence of any governmental vision that could give hope,” the PSP announced in a statement its solidarity with “the various marginalized and poor segments, low- and daily-income citizens and those laid off from their jobs or forced to close their institutions.”

Accordingly, the party said it warns “the government and all political forces, be them in the majority or the opposition, and the civil society and Economic Committee of the possibility of a dangerous social explosion,” calling for “launching the executive mechanism for the program of supporting poor families in a transparent, clear and effective manner.”

It also called for “a quick reform process that opens the door to international aid” and urged governmental support for the industrial and agricultural sectors and for the local initiatives and funds in the towns and villages.

And addressing authorities, especially the Ministry of Economy and Trade, the PSP called for prosecuting merchants who monopolize and hike the prices of essential goods and suggested that security forces issue painful fines over the matter.

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Thumb whyaskwhy 30 March 2020, 23:11

The PSP is starting to sound like they truly are 40 years behind...