Diab Says 'Saved His Conscience' on Appointments, Slams Those 'Obstructing Govt.’


“I saved my conscience,” Prime Minister Hassan Diab said Thursday, in response to a reporter’s question on whether his dropping of financial appointments from Cabinet’s agenda had “saved the government from politics.”

“How can we hire to some posts for high and sometimes fancy salaries as the country goes through a major financial crisis, a dangerous social problem and a scary health crisis?” Diab had said during Cabinet’s session, according to the information minister.

“Some are insisting on obstructing the government and hurling jibes at it, because its success would expose the flaws of the previous governments,” he suggested.

Stressing that “a transparent and legal mechanism should be devised for the appointments,” the PM emphasized that the appointments must be made “according to competency, not political distribution of shares.”

LBCI television meanwhile reported that Cabinet has requested that the salaries of the deputy central bank governors, the central bank’s Banking Control Commission and the Capital Markets Authority be slashed.

The controversial appointments include four deputies for the central bank governor, a chairman and four members for the Banking Control Commission and three members for the Capital Markets Authority.

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Thumb ___flamethrower___ 02 April 2020, 18:52

Never has Lebanon known or seen a Prime Minister who 'Saved His Conscience' as much as this one, ever!

Thumb whyaskwhy 03 April 2020, 16:03

Were so relieved to hear that a non persona gratta like this Dweeb has a concience. Does he have a concscience about being placed into a role and not be ellected by the people in a democracy? How does he sleep knowing that Kizb placed him in this role becuase he was a controlable stooge?