Diab Inspects Supermarket, Warns against Inflating Prices


Prime Minister Hassan Diab on Wednesday made a surprise inspection visit to a major Lebanese supermarket.

He was accompanied by Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi and Economy Minister Raoul Nehme.

"I made this tour to take an idea about prices and give the signal that the food of the Lebanese is a red line," Diab said.

"It is prohibited for merchants to harm the food security," the PM warned.

"A 70% hike in prices is rejected," he stressed.

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Thumb s.o.s 08 April 2020, 19:20

This is just another cheap PR stunt.

Imports are paid in foreign currency, usually dollar.... so prices are up because thanks to this fake technocratic government the dollar is now worth 2900 LL.

Then, farmers aren’t working on their farms, not enough labor to pick up fruits and vegetables. The supply is low and the demand is high, prices are up....

Lebanon isn’t Cuba or Venezuela, and if it were to become like that then we’d have nothing on our supermarket shelves...