Health Minister Tours Bsharri, Zgharta and Tripoli


Health Minister Hamad Hasan on Wednesday toured the northern regions of Bsharri, Zgharta and Tripoli to assess readiness against the coronavirus pandemic.

In Bsharri, Hasan toured the Saint Mamas state-run hospital and the municipal building, stressing “the importance of the measures that have been taken in Bsharri to confront the coronavirus pandemic.”

“This visit to Bsharri has reassured me, because the existent negative cases are being monitored and followed up by the Bsharri crisis cell, which has performed a responsible and mighty effort,” the minister added.

Visiting the municipality later in the day, Hasan said he welcomes and encourages “all the measures that have been taken by the Bsharri Municipality as well as by all the municipalities of the region and the various regions.”

He also warned that hospitals should not withhold coronavirus information from the Ministry.

Hasan later visited Zgharta, where he met with Marada Movement chief Suleiman Franjieh, and Tripoli, where he met with MP Faisal Karami and inspected the Islamic Charitable Hospital where a ward has been offered by the lawmaker for the anti-coronavirus fight.

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