Geagea Urges Reform instead of 'Touching People's Deposits'


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea commented Friday on the government's leaked financial plan.

''Before addressing the financial aspect, which is important and essential, the state is asked to quickly send the minimum number of signals through which it can regain the lost confidence factor,'' Geagea said in a statement distributed by his press office.

''It should take a host of reformist steps that it can put immediately into action,'' Geagea added.

''How can the state extend its hand to people's pockets and savings before putting an end to the existent waste of public funds at its public administrations?'' Geagea went on to say.

He accordingly called on the state to address ''illegal'' and ''political” employment at state administrations, the illegitimate border crossings which cause hundreds of millions of dollars in losses every year, customs evasion and the waste of public funds in the electricity and telecom sectors.

“It is totally unacceptable to touch people's bank deposits, especially that there is no confidence that such a step would lead to the desired goal as long as the state does not begin reforming itself and its administration and putting an end to all forms of waste and corruption,” Geagea added.

“Any rescue plan that does not begin with reform would be meaningless,” he stressed.

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