Hassan Says Vigilance is Key to Counter Second Wave of COVID-19


Amid concerns of a second wave of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in Lebanon, Health Minister Hamad Hassan on Tuesday urged vigilance telling people to maintain precautionary measures as key to prevent spread of the virus.

“A safe return to normal life is in our hands,” said Hassan in a tweet.

“Despite the many catastrophic scenarios about the coronavirus pandemic in its beginning, there is a lot of talk about the second wave. I assure you that just like we won the first battle through awareness and cooperation, we will pass the next challenge through commitment and gradual easing of the general mobilization restrictions, God willing,” stressed Hassan.

It is up to the people to decide whether it is a safe return to normal life or not.

“A safe return is in our hands,” he emphasized.

On Monday, three cases of coronavirus were recorded in Lebanon raising the tally to 740, while the death toll remained at 25.

The country has been on lockdown with its air, land and sea ports of entry closed since March 15 as part of a so-called state of general mobilization aimed at confronting the pandemic. Many institutions such as schools and restaurants had been closed prior to that date.

The government approved a five-stage plan to reopen the country easing lockdown measures.

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