Diab Says Lebanon Committed to CEDRE Reforms, Duquesne Says Plan Still Valid


Prime Minister Hassan Diab on Monday stressed that Lebanon is still committed to the reforms pledged at the 2018 CEDRE conference in Paris.

"We underscore commitment to the implementation of all reforms and to combating corruption, and the government is determined to restore international and local confidence in Lebanon," said Diab at a Grand Serail meeting with foreign ambassadors on the CEDRE recommendations.

"We have a vision to reach a correct economy, we want to put CEDRE's recommendations into action and we will manage to do so," Diab added.

"Two years after CEDRE, Lebanon is trying to enhance its situation towards the international community, and we will exert our utmost effort to implement this commitment and revive the economy," he went on to say.

The French envoy in charge of following up on the CEDRE reforms, Pierre Duquesne, meanwhile noted that the CEDRE plan is "still valid."

"It is a contract based on projects, reforms and funding," he said.

"We must implement CEDRE and we will do this together. Coordination is key inside Lebanon, especially with non-governmental organizations, representatives of the civil society, the private sector and parliament," he added.

Duquesne also said that "Lebanon needs investments, especially in infrastructure, and this will allow a sustainable revival of the Lebanese economy."

"Investments require electricity and it should provided in an uniterrupted manner, and reforming electricity is an essential reform that requires governance and transparency," he went on to say.

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Thumb libanaisresilient 19 May 2020, 20:08

Who'd have guessed "Donors" (foreign officials) wouldn't give up the obsession of using Lebanon for their money laundering schemes?? Lol...
Of course they would not! Which other nation out there is open to sell its reserves at such a cheaper price?!