Lebanon Records 17 New Coronavirus Cases


Lebanon on Sunday confirmed 17 more COVID-19 coronavirus cases, which raises the country's tally to 1,114, the Health Ministry said.

It said 12 of the cases were recorded among residents and five among repatriated expats.

Nine of the local cases have been traced to known infected individuals, the Ministry added.

Only 67 COVID-19 patients are receiving treatment in hospitals and three of them are in intensive care, it said.

The death toll still stands at 26 and the recoveries have meanwhile reached 688.

The Ministry noted that 2,410 lab tests were carried out over the past 24 hours.

The country had witnessed a major spike in infections over the past days, mainly in the Bekaa town of Majdal Anjar and the Iqlim al-Kharroub town of Mazboud as well as in two buildings inhabited by Bangladeshi workers in Beirut's Ras al-Nabaa area, which have been isolated to prevent further infections.

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