21 More Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in Lebanon


Lebanon on Wednesday recorded 21 new coronavirus cases, which raises the country's total to 1,161, the Health Ministry said.

Sixteen of those infected are residents and five are repatriated Lebanese expats, the Ministry added in its daily statement.

It said six of the local cases were recorded in Majdal Anjar, five in Beirut (Barbir, Basta and Khandaq al-Ghamiq), three in the Baabda district, two in Choueifat's al-Amrousiyeh, one in Sin el-Fil, one in Akkar's Jdeidet al-Qaytaa, one in Bekaa's al-Fakiha and one in Maghdoushe east of Sidon.

No new deaths were witnessed over the past 24 hours as the number of recoveries reached 692.

The towns of Majdal Anjar and Mazboud were recently isolated after they saw a major spike in virus cases.

Lebanese authorities have indicated that, if necessary, they will isolate infection clusters instead of imposing a new nationwide lockdown.

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