Najjar: Airport Expected to Reopen on June 21


Public Works and Transport Minister Michel Najjar said Sunday that he expects Beirut's Rafik Hariri International Airport to reopen on June 21.

“Seeing that its reopening will be delayed, we might witness a fourth stage of expat repatriation,” Najjar added in remarks to OTV.

The airport and the land and sea ports of entry have been closed since March 15, when the government announced a so-called of general mobilization and a general lockdown to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

It later organized three stages of an expat repatriation process that involved the return of thousands of expats to Lebanon.

The majority of institutions, businesses and facilities will reopen on Monday except for the airport, educational institutions, nurseries, indoor and outdoor sport clubs, courts, gyms and spas, nightclubs, amusements parks, public parks, video poker centers, kids zones, video games centers, theaters, cinemas, social halls and event venues.

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