Geagea Urges Govt. to Rescue Crisis-Hit Private Schools


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Monday urged the government to assist Lebanon's private schools amid the unprecedented economic and financial crisis in the country.

“Private schools have accompanied Lebanon since its independence and have been one of its remarkable characteristics, that's why the government should not let them collapse under the impact of the current severe financial and economic crisis,” Geagea tweeted.

Calling on the government to “offer urgent assistance” to private schools to “maintain their continuity,” the LF leader warned that the collapse of private schools would oblige the state to “pay double the amount and more to accommodate the students of private schools in public schools.”

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Thumb s.o.s 01 June 2020, 17:35

Meen Hayda? ;)

Thumb canadianleb 02 June 2020, 02:00

and why should they? I am sure if anybody needs help it is the parents that paid tuition and got nothing for it...

Thumb s.o.s 02 June 2020, 04:46

La2 7araam, an estimate of 80% of all catholic schools will close in September. It’ll leave hundreds of thousands of kids without schools. You know they won’t all fit in the maqased....

But helping just schools would be unfair, everyone needs help. The best thing they can do is return our savings and arrest the kleptomaniac ruling class. From President to prime ministers, MPs, army commander and the list goes on.

Thumb whyaskwhy 02 June 2020, 15:46

laik sho hamu....