Fourth Stage of Repatriations Begins June 11


The fourth stage of a government plan to repatriate Lebanese, kicks off on June 11 and is expected to bring back around 2500 nationals wishing to return home amid the outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus, LBCI TV station reported on Tuesday.

The Middle East Airlines will operate flights for five consecutive days beginning June 11 until June 15.

Moreover on Tuesday, Lebanon completed the fifth stage of repatriating nationals through its north border crossings with Syria.

Lebanese stranded in the neighboring country were repatriated based on a government plan and in coordination with the ministry of health.

The General Security members on el-Abboudieh northern border crossing supervised the process. Medical teams conducted PCR tests on the returnees.

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Thumb whyaskwhy 03 June 2020, 04:28

The MEA still has money to operate? thats a new one....